We know how challenging it is to walk through the doors for the first time – we’ve all done it! So we want to make this as easy and comfortable as possible for you. Hopefully its as easy as catching up with old friends.

Connect Groups

We believe that God calls and equips us to live victoriously in the world we find ourselves in. Homegroups confirm the calling, prepare us, hold us accountable, provide support, give us a setting in which to grow & explore and to reach those who don’t know Jesus yet.


We believe that it is important to GO as Jesus commanded, both locally and internationally. In the going, passion is kindled, the Word is spread, faith is established, and ultimately, people come to Jesus and are knitted into a local church.

Family Connect

We believe that God planned for us to be part of His family, so we celebrate as His family often – picnics, family 4 x 4 days and many more.

CC Kids

Jesus likened the Kingdom to children. He had a passion for them and took time out for their welfare.  We believe that we have a unique opportunity to partner with parents to disciple children, to fashion their worldview (how they interpret the world) and to empower them to live the gospel.  We want them to enjoy church in an age appropriate way.  We have two groups (a) 2yo to 8yo and (b) 9yo to 12yo – and we’re always looking for helpers.


We believe that all of life is an expression of worship.  We want worship to be Jesus centred! At Cross Culture our life worship culminates in corporate worship at least once a week where we collectively express our love for and celebrate Jesus as a community.  Music, gifts, breaking of bread, giving, preaching, singing, connecting and so much more forms part of this worship.  The central person: Jesus, the main reason: to make His namefamous, the way we do it: by the power of the Holy Spirit. This team is always looking to grow!

Intercessory Prayer

We believe prayer is the key to all we should be and do. We connect once a month for what may be the most important time together as we explore in prayer, understanding adoption, celebrating purpose, and loving the King.  Have a look for the next date on the calendar.


We think that if there had been 11 commandments, the 11th would have been “thou shalt have fun!” Camp is a time for too much coffee, connecting till late, eating copious amounts of food and having OTT fun.  It also seems that Jesus loves camps because he always rocks up.

In case you haven't heard, we've moved! We are now located at 119 Camberwarra Drive in Craigie, WA 6025