Our Leadership Team

We are a team who are passionate about one main thing, making much of Jesus.

We were sent! After many years at a great church in Subiaco, a core group was planted into Scarborough to enlarge the gospel footprint in the city. Same values, different expression.

We’re an unsophisticated bunch, who believe that all of life stems from and revolves around Jesus, that His Word (the bible) is absolutely true and that he determines History, and we have the privilege of playing a part in it. Our core values determine our meetings. We have a passion for worship, the bible, connecting together and for touching our community.

This is lived out through Sunday morning meetings, midweek connect-groups & everyday community connect activities. We relate to a group of apostolic men, church master builders, who hold us accountable and keep us connected to what’s happening around the world. We relate to an international family of churches and work together to establish and build churches in every city, town and village across the world.


Lead the Team that leads the Church

Besides being the visionary elder, Mark is involved in Christian education and Sharon is a medical secretary. They dream of transformed lives and communities and are crazy about local church.  They’re also ordinary folks with church battle-scars like the rest, and great stories to tell…


Elder & Connect Group Leaders

They cover a heap of things from facilities management to prayer, Senior Kids to Prison Ministry – with energy to spare.  This is the most incredibly hospitable couple that would love to have you visit their home. Andre is a Regional Sales Manager and Moreen a teacher.  They have faced tough financial struggles, overcome immigration, and that’s just the beginning of the tale.


Deacons & Connect Group Leaders

Leading worship to running Kids Ministry, it all seems to come so naturally.  Mac is a programmer and Monica a teacher. They have lived in Africa, the UK and now Aus.  They are currently on an extended mission trip in Thailand. They have something very special they can tell about kids (it really is worth hearing)!  Chat to them about large families, and work/study/family life balance – you will need coffee!


Joubz & Kristy

Deacons & Connect Group Leaders

Leading our young adults to facilitating a Connect Group – they’re masters!  They have a passion for nations and are gearing for a mission’s stint in Thailand in the future.  Joubz will tell of his freedom from drugs and they have also overcome real financial challenges.  Joubz is a tradie and Kristy a teacher (yip, we have a lot of teachers). They have just started a family and would love to connect with other couples with young children.



With skills that range from drumming to leading youth, this is one cool dude.  Although a qualified motor-mac, he is a man of many talents and will fix just about anything.  Barry took the scenic route to becoming a Christian and has a strong testimony about God’s power to restore lives and give hope.  Hang out with Barry to see dynamic, victorious Christian living in action.



Jaco is a worship leader of note and the guy everyone wants to be friends with.  He works part-time while completing his masters.  He has lived in South Africa, Thailand and studied in China. Gathering the young adults together to hang out and connect is his strength. Did we mention he knows everything there is to know about tea? And he brews a great cuppa too…

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