In scripture, one of the most striking examples of the presence of God bringing transformation is Jesus’ transfiguration on the mount.

Here we see the God’s presence transfigure, or, transform Jesus so that for a moment, the disciples saw a physical manifestation of God’s glory.

The word transfiguration comes from the Greek “metamorpho” which means to change form, but it can also be the verb which refers to something becoming on the outside what it is on the inside. So when Jesus was transformed on the mount, the disciples saw a glimpse of his glory as God in a physical way. Although He always was God incarnate and present with them, when Jesus was transfigured the veil was lifted and they encountered His glory and power.

God’s presence transforms us

The manifest power of God’s glory is the agent responsible for the outworking of transformation in our lives. Healing, deliverance, restoration – everything we need- is found in His presence, and His anointing is what enables us to fulfill the great commission.

In this next season, my prayer is that we would be a church seeking after the presence of the Holy Spirit, so that we too will be transformed into the likeness of Christ by the manifest presence of God, and be filled with the power to accomplish the purposes that he has for us.



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